Jag deltar i ”guided imagery” med Michael Noah Weiss. Uppgiften är att vi i den aktiva avslappningen ska finna varsitt konstverk, och genom detta få associationer som kan bidra till att definiera konferensens fråga: ”What is the art of philosophizing?”

Jag blundar och hamnar snabbt i en sorts park. Det är lite dunkelt och djup växtlighet. Fuktigt där i dunkelt. Lite hemligt. ...

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The 6th Nordic Conference on Philosophical Practice

Where: ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm
When: 28-29/5 2016 09.00-16.00 both days
Theme: What is the 'art' of philosophizing? The practice and theory of philosophical practices

Is philosophizing an 'art' and if so, what kind of art? What do we do when we philosophize? What is the place of wonder, awe, curiosity, critical and creative thinking, openness and listening? What is the meaning or purpose of our practice, which values and problems can we see? What are the unique character traits of philosophizing in philosophical practice, compared to for example life coaching or psychotherapy? What can we learn from these other approaches through critical, inter-disciplinary dialogue? These are some of the questions we hope to ponder together during this conference.

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