Bring philosophy into people's daily lives - en intervju med Joshua Bronson

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- Intervju med styrelseledamot i SSFP och praktiserande filosof Joshua Bronson -

Hej Joshua. Välkommen till styrelsen! Hur ser din bakgrund ut inom filosofi och filosofisk praxis?

Philosophy has been a central focus of mine for a long time. It is the red thread tying my various academic and work pursuits together. My Ph.D. was right in the heart of traditional philosophy. It focused on issues of mind, ontology, and language. I have always tried to find philosophy's relevance in everyday life. In a way this has been a response to the most common question philosophers get: What can you do with that? As I see it philosophical practice is demonstrating that there is a lot one can do with philosophy!

Du har specialiserat dig mot företag och organisationer, kan du berätta vad de ofta söker eller vill ha och vad filosofisk praxis kan bidra med utifrån ditt sätt att jobba? Vad har praxis haft för effekt?

People are often surprised that philosophy can be useful in the work environment. The need for philosophy in organizations is huge. One way to see this is in a simple question: Why does your organization exist? Answering this ties into all kinds of hot business terms like strategy, mission, vision, and so on. Organizations know these things are important, but it is difficult to do them well. Philosophy is particularly well suited for the job! I would say philosophical practice helps organizations achieve these three things:

1. Knowing where they are going.

2. Communicating inside and outside where they are going.

3. Getting to where they are going in a good way.

Beskriv gärna de teorier, filosofer, perspektiv och metoder som du använder dig av eller inspirerats av som praktiker!

I would not say I use any single method, theory, or approach. And though there are many great philosophers there is no single philosopher I follow. Instead there are a few core ideas that are central to what I do: logic, truth, and virtue. These ideas almost always play a central role when working with others, individuals or organizations.

Vad skulle du säga är den gemensamma nämnaren för all filosofisk praxis utifrån ditt perspektiv?

For me what ties all philosophical practice together is a shared aim. That aim is to bring philosophy out of the academic world and into people's daily lives.

Finns det något problem ser du mellan att filosofisk praxis ofta kan verka handla om att processen har ett värde i sig och därför ej ska vara instrumentell, men att praxis ändå i vissa uppdrag ska uppvisa konkreta resultat? Har du mött denna problematik? Hur går dina tankar?

We live in a more and more commodified society. There is a lot to gain through measuring and quantifying. But we cannot capture everything of value this way. Philosophical practice is an example. It will have measurable impact: life satisfaction, job performance, bottom-line, and so on. But its value is not fully captured by those measurements. There is therefore an inherent balance that needs to be struck in this field.

Vilka är dina personliga favoritfilosofer? Varför?

That is such a difficult question! Top 5: Aristotle, Wittgenstein, Kant, Plantinga, Putnam. Why? Because their work is so incredible and provides so much when closely examined!

Har du kanske något citat du återkommer till eller som känns aktuellt just nu?

"People seem to fight over things very unsuitable for fighting." - G.K. Chesterton