The 8th Nordic Conference for Philosophical Practice

Dear colleagues and friends,

Soon it’s about to happen: The 8th Nordic Conference for Philosophical Practice!
Date: Sat 21. – Sun 22.04.2018
Topic: “What is good Philosophical Practice”
Town/Country: Oslo/Norway
Organizer: Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice (
Contact (submission of abstracts):
Deadline for Call for Papers: 15.02.2018

By today, we as philosophical practitioners work in a great variety of professional contexts – something which gives proof of the versatility of our discipline! Nevertheless, the question “What is good philosophical practice?” concerns us all – and at this conference we investigate it by performing different dialogue formats and sharing unique (work) experiences on this topic. In other words, this year we’ll go for a rather new conference format (surprise, surprise!- ).

You can already now join us in this adventure: Send us your abstract (max. 300 words) in response to our Call for Papers! There are 2 categories for submission:

1. DIALOGUE FORMATS: Submit an abstract for a dialogue format (for groups) that you would like to perform and in which the topic of the conference (“What is good philosophical practice”) is investigated. It can be a Socratic Dialogue, a Philo Café or whatever your first choice of dialogue method might be. At the conference you will facilitate your dialogue format (timeframe: 1,5 hrs.) – therefore it’s important in your abstract to indicate the maximum amount of people that can participate in your dialogue!

2. CASE STUDIES: Submit an abstract about a case study or a project of yours, in which you once experienced good philosophical practice – it can be a philosophical practice project that you did at your school, a philosophical practice-case study from your workplace, a philosophical retreat that you organized, or whatever. At the conference you will present your case or project in the course of one of the dialogue formats (see above) that are performed. You have 15 minutes for a short presentation (so it’s important to keep your presentation straight forward and concrete) and then your case or project will be further investigated in the respective dialogue.

As you probably already realize, the idea of this conference is to perform different dialogues (also in parallel sessions) in which different cases and philosophical practice-projects are presented and investigated. So, at this conference we want to hear and learn from each other, in order to improve our common discipline and our individual practicing!

In this sense we are looking forward to the submission of your abstracts – be creative!- )

Kind regards,
The board of the Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice