The 6th Nordic Conference on Philosophical Practice

Color sound, artwork by Jessica Eldenstjärna

Where: ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41, 111 34 Stockholm
When: 28-29/5 2016 09.00-16.00 both days
Theme: What is the 'art' of philosophizing? The practice and theory of philosophical practices

Is philosophizing an 'art' and if so, what kind of art? What do we do when we philosophize? What is the place of wonder, awe, curiosity, critical and creative thinking, openness and listening? What is the meaning or purpose of our practice, which values and problems can we see? What are the unique character traits of philosophizing in philosophical practice, compared to for example life coaching or psychotherapy? What can we learn from these other approaches through critical, inter-disciplinary dialogue? These are some of the questions we hope to ponder together during this conference.

During these two days the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice would like to invite you to create a socratic community of critical and creative reflection upon our own practice. We will focus on six topics chosen by six keynote speakers, revolving around what we as practitioners call "philosophizing". By mixing our practical wisdom (phronesis) and experience over different fields of philosophical practice, we search for possible ways to philosophize, problematize core values of philosophical practice and look at potential challenges and opportunities. We do this through philosophical dialogue, hoping to develop our practice, gain new insights, and raise new questions.

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This conference is mainly for philosophical practitioners in the nordic countries. It is also open for students in philosophy or those who in various ways practice or aim for practicing philosophy as professional practitioners.

Included in the fee: swedish fika (coffee break) and lunch (wraps and drinks) both days.

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We hope to see you in Stockholm!

/The Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice

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